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Our Vision

To create an atmosphere that is suitable for an efficient and inclusive teaching-learning process in order to create future leaders and managers who are empathetic and who will set unrivaled examples in their chosen fields.

Our Mission

To provide a space for learning and teaching, to create tomorrow's compassionate world leaders who will thrive in their chosen disciplines, and to assist them in realizing their potential.

Why RPS Is Best CBSE School In Rewari?

Changing Lives via Education

RPS focuses on the child's whole development in addition to academics. We think that education is an art that helps people live better lives; it is so much more than simply books and a curriculum.

Widening Horizons

Regardless of class, creed, religion, or color, students at schools come from a variety of backgrounds; this encourages them to expand their horizons intellectually and respect one another's value systems.


The children benefit from Excursions by forming stronger ties with their classmates, experiencing different places, and learning outside of the classroom

Learning management system Moodle

The Moodle Management System, used by Rao Pahlad Singh Public School, makes learning easier. Teachers benefit from being able to exchange ideas in forums, interact with students through media, and give them quizzes to assess their learning.


For the past 19 years, the school has been committed to academic success. In the interim, we have generated a large number of high performers in Olympiads, board examinations, and other competitive tests.


The school offers cutting-edge football, basketball, handball, volleyball, softball, cricket, and tennis facilities.

Why Our School Is In the Top 10 School In Rewari?

The ideal starting platform. That is the main focus of RPS Public School. Our school is one of the Best school in Rewari. Each serves as a building block for ideas. Develop personality. Chisel skill. And teach your youngster the one skill they'll need to excel in. Numerous other interests have been started to help students develop their whole personalities.

Associated Activities

Students participate in extracurricular or extracurricular academic activities to develop their personalities as a whole.

Music Classes

Our school has a well-equipped music room with a sound system and all different kinds of musical instruments.

Smart Class Room

A comprehensive learning solution with 2D and 3D audio-video courses covering every topic covered by NCERT and CBSE from LKG to XII.

Well-Furnished Lab

We offer well-equipped labs for subjects like computers, physics, chemistry, biology, math, robotics, and languages, among others.