Activity Area

Recreational Zonal Area

A place which is well adorned to meet the requirements of young enthusiastic buds of above 2 years to breathe, grow and develop the sense of socialisation and building bonds among their peers. Foundational stage of a human life is a big challenge for any institution out there; therefore, we at RPS school Rewari believes to give our little stars a range of activities which not only embrace their interests but also ensure the liberal and warmth environment like their first home.

We all know that the world of these little stars are different like other students those who have cleared the stage of foundation and moved in consecutive years. Consequently, we have an environment in school premises for them where their actions speak louder than words. We are continuously building an effort to give our juniors a comfort of home stay and a friendly interactive atmosphere which child gets under the supervision of mother teachers and with helpers assistance. Individual personalized care is our strength.

At RPS Rewari, if one enters into the activity zonal area of little munchkins, one will definitely submerge and find self in the land of adventure and exploration. Teachers have beautifully decorated the classes while keeping the interactive planner in mind and lay out impressively on the each corner of the classroom. We believe that Visual learning and hands-on-practice is much more effective rather than confined learning from textbooks at such a tender age.