The Rps School approach is centred on four key principles:

Connect: real learning is relational;

Shape: real learning requires expert teaching;

Provoke: real learning is challenging;

Position: real learning must be purposeful.

Our Commitment allows us to get to know you and your child personally

We are a values-driven school. We celebrate each person’s unique spirit without any religious affiliation

Your school fees are all inclusive. There are no hidden extras

We have a commitment to academic excellence and to maintaining our position as a high achieving school

Our excellent IIT results and strong NEET results reflect a school rich in personal attention

Continuous assessment allows timely feedback on your child’s progress and allows the teacher, parent and student to identify, intervene and improve

RPSGOS is a supportive and nurturing community. Your child will be well cared for. Our staff prides itself on knowing and caring for all members of each child’s family

Every child and their family is known personally by the Principal and teaching staff

Your child’s social and emotional wellbeing are just as important to us as their academic outcome

Our excellent facilities are available to all

Free afterschool academic tutoring supervised by our teaching staff is available for everage students.

Juniior wing offers ample of co-curricular exposure to become a globle personality.

We have a full time registered nurse, counsellor and careers counsellor on staff to assist students and their families

The RPS School is a place where learning and excelling is celebrated by all

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