RPS School Context

The world our children will inherit is a world of complexity and ever-changing innovation. A world where it is insufficient to have knowledge and ideas without the skills and attitudes to apply the knowledge, and implement the ideas.

RPS School is commited to fostering the cultivation of an adaptive set of skills and values that, together with knowledge from the traditional disciplines, will equip students to embrace change as opportunity.

To be well-educated no longer refers solely to an education in mathematics, science and the arts; it demands the infusion of the 4Cs – Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication and Collaboration – at age and context-appropriate opportunities that combine to nurture successful self-regulated learner and promote self-efficacy.

RPS School aims to develop a dynamic education, with dynamic teachers at its heart. Teachers who connect, shape, provoke and position their students to thrive in an adaptive global environment; who activate engaging, demanding and rewarding learning, and support students to advocate for themselves, contribute to their communities and thrive as challenge becomes opportunity.



We believe we are a terrific School.

The students who come here are not only lucky to enjoy our excellent facilities and outstanding teachers, but while they are here they will develop great self-esteem, confidence and resilience.

Our strong values underpin everything we do – Values of Achievement, Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Care and Empathy.

The students who graduate from us are remarkable young people who take these values into the world and make a difference. They may be doctors, lawyers and engineers but they could also be your local mechanic, plumber or teacher. Whatever path they choose, we know that, if they’re a Rps student, they will be the best they can possibly be and we, and you, will be immensely proud of them.

Sound Academic Results

Our results show that we are excelling. We are an excellent performing school; our IIT and NEET results place us in the top Group of school in all around the nation.

Our teacher student ration enable our students to get the personal attention they deserve. Our teachers are always available for that extra help in any subject.

The after-school Academic Tutoring is just another way our staff go the extra mile to make sure their students are not left behind.

Limitless Opportunities

There are endless opportunities here for your child at any level; sport, music, science, robotics – the list goes on.

We are only limited by our imagination. If students suggest an activity or excursion, we will do our best to accommodate. We provide national and international exposure in curicular and co-curicular activities and much more. We try to give something unique year and year – we’re adaptable and the students love it.